[ONLINE] University of Aveiro, Portugal

October 21, 22 and 23 2020

Leopoldina Fekayamãle: guest speaker

July 21st, 2020 09:35

Angolan, feminist and human rights activist, graduated in Portuguese language teaching by the Superior Institute of Educational Sciences of Huíla – in Angola. She currently resides in Namibe, province in the south of Angola, where she was born, grew up and also where she works as a literature teacher at the technical-professional education high school, in the Teacher’s Training subsystem.

She’s a coordination member of the single feminist collective of Angola, the Ondjango Feminista, whose website has several texts of her authorship addressing different issues about the situation of women in Angola.

Representing Ondjango Feminista and also on a personal basis, she’s participated as a speaker in events in Angola, where topics related to human rights and social justice for women are addressed.

She’s also part of the editorial team of the Angolan Cultural Digital Word & Art magazine, where he has published several texts. In Namibe, from the school where she teaches, she’s been involved in active actions to promote literature and create reading habits.

She has the blog “Leo Escrevendo”, where she materializes her love for literature and for various art forms. She believes art can make a better world, because it can change people’s way of thinking for the common good. These days, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she reinforced her belief that art delimits the line between going crazy and keep sanity, because, in days of confinement, if, among other things, we didn’t have literature, music and opportunity to dance, everything would be more difficult and dark.