[ONLINE] University of Aveiro, Portugal

October 21, 22 and 23 2020

Márcia Tiburi: guest speaker

June 3rd, 2020 14:52

Photo: Simone Marinho

Was born in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She graduated in philosophy and plastic arts, got a Master and a Doctorate in philosophy, and a Post-doctorate in arts. She taught philosophy and gender and gave literary workshops for over 20 years in higher education institutions in Brazil. In 2018 she was a candidate for governor of Rio de Janeiro by the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT).

She was persecuted by fascist groups all throughout 2018, when she launched her work Feminism in Common. She received many death threats and had to leave the country. She is currently a guest professor at the Paris 8 University. She is a columnist for the magazine Cult and the author of novels and essays such as How to talk to a fascist – reflections on the Brazilian authoritarian daily life and Feminism in common: for all [para todas, todes e todos]. She is co-author of several publications such as Women and philosophy (2002), Women, philosophy or things of the gender (2008), Philosophy: Machismos and Feminisms (2014).