[ONLINE] University of Aveiro, Portugal

October 21, 22 and 23 2020

Vinícius de Silva: guest speaker

June 23rd, 2020 10:19

Photo: Michelle Marianne

Political activist and a 4th year student of Environmental Control, at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio de Janeiro – Nilópolis Campus. Was born in the year 2000, in Rio de Janeiro. As a researcher, he has dedicated himself mainly to reading bell hooks’ thinking which articulates philosophical categories (ethics, politics and ontology/phenomenology) and to understanding contemporary issues of Political Philosophy.

Since 2017, through the Collective Negro Afronta (CoNAfro / IFRJ), he has studied bell hooks’ thought, having translated the work We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity, to be published in 2020 as A gente é da hora: homens negros e masculinidades, by the Elefante publisher in Brazil. He teaches courses on that author’s thinking, with an emphasis on love ethics and black masculinities. In addition, Vinícius is the mediator of the Laboratory for Anticolonial Studies (LEAC / Casa Naara) and creator and presenter of the podcast Outro Amanhã, an instrument of dissemination of black thought and new politic imaginary.

Personal web page: https://www.viniciuxdasilva.com.br