[ONLINE] University of Aveiro, Portugal

October 21, 22 and 23 2020

A meta-synthesis on the concept of hegemonic masculinity used as a resource for the study of male sexual behaviors

Rita Grave
Teresa Teixeira
Pedro Teixeira
António Manuel Marques
Conceição Nogueira

In western contemporary society, men might be subjugated by the impact of hegemonic masculinity. As such, there may be several consequences in their daily lives, especially regarding sexuality. However, few research has been developed about the effect of hegemonic masculinity on men’s sexual behavior. The aim of this study is to access narratives about how men experience sexual behavior in relation to this heteronormative and patriarchal society. We conducted a meta-synthesis of 15 journal articles on men’s sexual behavior and hegemonic masculinity. The results stand out: Straight sex as a status of masculinity; The male sexual collectivity; The sexual hierarchies; Sexual risk and strategic disinformation; and finally, The invisibility of sexual diversity. Furthermore, with regard to sexual experiences, many men who are assumed to be heterosexual, often experience same‐sex sexuality as threatening. This meta-synthesis emphasizes the complex relationship between men’s sexuality and the influence of hegemonic masculinity, revealing important health and well-being effects on men. Additionally, it highlights a dynamic relation that affects not only men but also their partners in sexual relations.

Keywords: hegemonic masculinity, men, meta-synthesis, sexual behavior